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Fixation modes of gold(III) from solutions using cadmium(II) dithiocarbamates. Preparation, supramolecular structure and thermal behaviour of polynuclear and heteropolynuclear gold(III) complexes: Bis(N,N-dialkyldithiocarbamato-S,Sā€²)gold(III) polychlorometallates, [Au(S2CNR2)2]nX (n=1: X=[AuCl4]āˆ’; n=2: X=[CdCl4]2āˆ’, [Cd2Cl6]2āˆ’)
Rodina, Tatyana A..  Polyhedron.  v. Vol.40. no. No.1.   2012-06-19. p. 53 - 64... issn: 0277-5387 .   

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