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Estimation of enthalpy data for reactions involving gas phase ions utilizing lattice potential energies: Fluoride ion affinities (FIA) and pF(-) values of mSbF(5)(I) and mSbF(5)(g) (m=1, 2, 3), AsF5(g), AsF5 center dot SO2(C). Standard enthalpies of formation: Delta H-f degrees(SbmF5m+1-,g) (m=1, 2, 3), Delta H-f degrees(AsF6-,g), and Delta H-f degrees(NF4+,g)
INORGANIC CHEMISTRY.  v. 42. no. 9.   2003-05-05. p. 2886 - 2893... issn: 0020-1669 .   

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